Speaker Date Topic
Dugan and Phillipe, World Travelers: Burundi! Oct 01, 2020
With Julie Marner, Burundi Friends International
Nasema Zeerak, Afghanistan Oct 08, 2020
Rotary Peace Scholar!
Dr. Matt Kurth (And Janice and Sharon?) Oct 15, 2020
COVID Vaccine Developments! Possibly in the Kurth's Kitchen!
Kevin McCormack, CIRM Oct 22, 2020
California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Jen Nation Oct 29, 2020
Olive Wood Gardens
Anthony Godfrey, US Ambassador to Serbia Nov 12, 2020
Serbia and Kosovo??
Dr. Quimby, SDSU Astronomy Dept. Nov 19, 2020
Black Holes? Supernovae? Aliens? Zoom and find out!
Thanksgiving Nov 26, 2020
CJ Johnson, Del Mar City Manager Dec 03, 2020
Del Mar Update!