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Vocational Services Overview


4th Thursday of the month at 11:15 before the regular club meeting



Promote and advance Rotary’s high ethical standards and values through vocational channels at the individual and organizational levels in our community. Utilize and incorporate the Four-Way Test and Code of Conduct.

Initial Project

Purpose: Ethical Business Award (EBA) & Publishing Program
    • Recognize San Diego based organizations whose business practices and related activities exemplify Rotary’s mission, principles, Code of Conduct and 4-Way Test --- and promote the highest ethical standards in business conduct
    • Raise awareness of the power of workplace ethics and inspire our stakeholders (individuals, organizations, institutions, associations, government, community members, educators, students, people and causes) to operate and act with highest ethical values and integrity --- even when profit or investor ROI are main objectives
    • Promote DMRC as a community portal for ethics advocacy and an influencer of ethical standards, service-mindedness, community leadership, business conduct (for-profit and non-profit), youth development and education












Synopsis (as of 12-20-13)
    • EBA is our sole Initial focus 
    • The award ceremony will be annual
    • Our first EBA will be offered/marketed to businesses in Del Mar, Solana Beach and Carmel Valley
      • We may expand our reach in subsequent years
    • monthly publishing showcase series will start as early as possible in 2014
    • EBA will connect back to Youth Services and/or youth channels in our community 
      • For example, winners may host a lunch for 8th graders, serve on a workshop panel at a high school and/or hire college interns
    • The marketing of EBAP to businesses will commence in January 2014
    • The EBA awards ceremony is scheduled for October 2014 
      • Current plan is to have an extended Thursday lunch at the race track



Chair: Haylea Minks