Speaker Date Topic
Kimo Stone, Sam King, Native Hawaiians Jan 21, 2021
IMUA TMT, Advocating for the Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea
Jeffrey Sitcov, Doors of Change Jan 28, 2021
Getting Homeless Youth off the Streets, Through Music and the Arts
Aslan Guluev Feb 04, 2021
Chechnya Rotary Project
Scott MacDonald Feb 11, 2021
The Student Debt Crisis
Bob Miller (See your Dec. Rotarian Magazine!) Feb 18, 2021
Are you open to being redirected by life?
Dr. Peter Kuriyama, National Marine Fisheries Feb 25, 2021
Fish! Tuna history in S.D.! Fish populations in general!
Ron Pickford, TRF "Cadre" Mar 04, 2021
How to BBQ a Kangaroo... No! Wait! How Cadre experts can help your Rotary project
Chris Megison, Solutions for Change Mar 11, 2021
Effective ways to reduce homelessness
David Wambaugh Mar 18, 2021
Dealing with Mental Illness and Addiction
Steve Weitzen, District Governor Apr 22, 2021
We'll See... Stay Tuned!