Posted by Sharon Schendel on Dec 15, 2019
Posing with one our "wraps" (front row, l to r: Jim Kohn, Brett Mattei, Sharon Schendel, Donna Fipps; back row: l to r: Matt Kurth, Jeff Matthews, Keith Ward, Jeanne Koskella, Val Myers, Janice Kurth, Don Fipps, Tony Villasenor, Kathy Quillin)
The holiday baskets themselves were already distributed, but even after some 7,000 individuals are served by the Community Resource Center’s annual event, there is still some work to do.  
We worked to wrap items on pallets so that they can be stored for next year’s holiday baskets and did other general clean up.  Chris Stewart spent nearly the entire day at the fairground grandstands on Saturday, “Distribution Day”, when clients “shop” for bikes, toys, and other items.  Leader of the Holiday Basket Captains, Kym Sheerman, said that the soccer balls our club donated were very popular items in the holiday basket shopping opportunity.  View the album on the club website or visit the Google Photos album to download any you like.