Posted by Sharon Schendel on Aug 04, 2019
Enjoying paddling in the Wisconsin Northwoods

The newsletter returns after a summer hiatus while I was in Minocqua Wisconsin.  Lots of time to paddle (both kayak and board) and enjoy the company of my canine and human nieces and nephews. On my first meeting back, I gave a “Who Am I”- my first since joining Rotary Club of Del Mar in 2015.  In short, I grew up in West Lafayette and remain a Purdue Boilermaker fan.  Science brought me to San Diego- after a PhD in biochemistry that focused on how proteins insert into membranes, I came to Burnham Institute (now Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute SBP) to study the mechanisms that govern cellular decisions to live or die; these processes are important for a variety of diseases, but particularly cancer.  I worked for the London-based Biochemical Society for about a dozen years and briefly worked with the SBP PhD program, which brought me to Rotary when Katie Nielsen arranged to have an SBP student speak about the microbiome.  I now am Project Manager for the Consortium for Immunotherapetuics against Emerging Viral Threats- an NIH-funded endeavor that brings together nearly 20 labs from around the world to develop new antibody-based treatments for people infected with Ebola virus and related filoviruses. My job requires a lot of writing, and writing the newsletter helps keep my writing sharp. I’m looking forward to my presidential year in RY 2020-2021!