Posted on Apr 23, 2023
Rotarians Dr. Sivagamy (upper left) and K. Sivasami (upper right) from Rotary Club of Tirupur with President Sharon Schendel. At lower left, students at the Rotary Matriculation School, which the Rotary Club of Tirupur helped found 60 years ago
Dr. S. Sivagami and K. Sivasamy, members of the Rotary Club of Tirupur in southern India, joined our April 13, 2023 meeting during a visit to relatives who live in the area. Their club is nearly as old as ours, with a founding date of May 27, 1955. Members of Rotary Club of Tirupur are truly “People of Action”. As the COVID-19 pandemic ramped up, they spearheaded a district project that established a 400-bed hospital in only 45 days to provide a facility to treat patients suffering from COVID. Their signature project is the Rotary Matriculation School, which will celebrate its 60th anniversary this year. They exchanged additional banners with other Area 4 clubs at the recent 7-way meeting.