Posted by Sharon Schendel on Oct 06, 2019
20 gallon donor Marty Peters with Claudine van Gonka of San Diego Blood Bank
Claudine Van Gonka, Communications Manager for the San Diego Blood Bank, joined our meeting with a 10 gallon hat to present to Marty Peters, who just reached a significant milestone: he’s donated 20 gallons (that’s 160 pints) to the San Diego Blood Bank (SDBB).  Somehow they missed getting a hat to Marty when he reached 10 gallon mark, when the hats typically are bestowed.  SDBB estimates that each pint donated can help save the life of three people, so Marty’s donations have helped nearly 500 people. If you missed the most recent blood drive, you can always make an appointment to donate at one of several SDBB locations around the community.