Posted on Nov 06, 2022
Clockwise from upper left: Four cottages are nearing completion; Working on the front porch; Member of Troop 713 paint side panels; Cottage interior
Clockwise from left: Bob Muller trims out a side window; Members of Troop 713 took on all tasks; Painting trim work; Jan Grossnickle guides Scouts in painting panels; Klaus Gubernator works to install a front window
Clockwise from upper left: Caulking window trim; Dee House customizes some window trim supervised by Flash and Mira; Roof and window work; Kathy Reed with Pete and Jan Grossnickle; Steven McDowell cutting trim; Marty Peters helps a gal wield a mean reciprocating saw
Four cottages are now nearly complete and a fifth will soon be built to complete the first phase of the San Diego Peace Village.  Klaus Gubernator and Kathy Reed (along with Mira and Flash) put in a full day at the build site and were joined by Jan and Pete Grossnickle, Dee House, Steven McDowell, Bob Muller, Marty Peters, and Sharon Schendel. We’re grateful to members of Scout Troop 713 led by Scout Xander Schroeder, who reached out to us to offer help on our work projects. Members of the St. James Mission Circle rounded out the crew and Project Organizer Kathy Faller kept everyone busy and on track.