Posted by Sharon Schendel on May 12, 2019
Don and Sharon with their UC Berkeley "family"
Chris Stewart models his costume
Don Fipps in his fairy costume- no talking when rendering the costume, or else you get a dose of duct tape (see right)
Don Fipps, Sharon Schendel and Chris Stewart were all facilitators at RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) held April 12-14, 2019 in Idyllwild.  RYLA brings together talented high school juniors from all over District 5340 for a fun weekend of fellowship and learning about what it means to be a servant leader.  Each facilitator helps a group of eight students get to where they need to be and get discussions going.  This year, Don and Sharon were co-facilitators for the Cal Berkeley “family” and Chris Stewart oversaw the United States Air Force Academy “family”.  One less serious RYLA activity is “It’s a Wrap” that involves newspaper and masking tape to transform facilitators into different characters.  Don led off the pageant with his turn as a fairy. Watch the video in the RYLA photo album.