Posted by Sharon Schendel on May 27, 2018
Bob Fuchs, Klaus Gubernator with Mira, Garrie Rhodes, Barrett Smith and Marty Peters were some of our Rotarians at Work 
President Klaus Gubernator stands with a newly-planted Torrey pine while his dog, Mira, looks on
At the 2017 International Assembly held in San Diego, then President-Elect Ian Riseley challenged Rotary clubs to honor that the theme of Rotary Year 2017-2018: “Rotary: Making a Difference” by planting a tree for each one of their members.  
At our Rotarians at Work Day on April 28, 2017, our members gathered at the San Diego River Park to remove non-native species and plant Torrey pine trees.  These pines adhere to the mandate that trees planted in response to the challenge be compatible with the local climate and be sustainable without ongoing maintenance. Torrey Pines are found only in coastal northern San Diego county and Santa Rosa Island. Together with members of Boy Scout Troop 713, club members planted a number of trees that we hope will be enjoyed by park visitors for years to come.