Left to right: Vice President and Community Service Co-Chair Toni Mecaro, Club President Sharon Schendel, Brodie Martin (President of the Del Mar Lifeguard Association; (DMLA)), Mark Rathsam (Deputy Chief Lifeguard), and Rick Schwering (Lifeguard and Treasurer of DMLA).   
We recently provided funds for the Del Mar Lifeguards to purchase three new rescue surfboards that will help them keep swimmers and surfers at Del Mar beaches safe. These rescue boards are lightweight and balanced, so they’re easier for the guards to paddle through the surf quickly. The lifeguards use the boards to transport up to six people safely back to shore, or to give distressed swimmers a good surface to hang onto until a rescue boat arrives. The boards’ yellow color makes them easily visible to beachgoers. Deputy Chief Lifeguard Mark Rathsam said that the guards used rescue boards in many of the 700 rescues they’ve made so far this year. We're proud to help add to the repertoire of life-saving equipment for the Del Mar Lifeguards.  Thank you to Brett Mattei for finding the large stickers of the club logo to decorate the boards.