Posted by Sharon Schendel on Mar 31, 2019
Scott Carr welcomes Karin and Jim Davies and Don Fipps as new Paul Harris Society members
Some of our club's Paul Harris Society members and fellows
Past District Governor and current District Paul Harris Society (PHS) chair Scott Carr recognized three new members of the PHS: Karin and Jim Davies and Don Fipps.  The PHS was launched 20 years ago right here in our own District 5340 during Marty Peter’s tenure as District Governor. Nearly 120 districts now have their own PHS. PHS members contribute at least $1,000 annually to the Annual Fund, Polio Plus or approved Global Grants as a one-time gift, quarterly gift, or monthly gift of $85.  PHS members are critical to ensuring that Rotary International can continue to support projects in its six areas of focus.  Consider joining Karin, Jim and Don by becoming a PHS member. Click here to get started.