Thursday, March 12 2020, club leaders briefed Del Mar Rotarians on SAR-CoV-2 (aka Novel Coronavirus), the virus that causes COVID-19.
Due to the elevated health risk to fellow Rotarians, as well as their loved ones and neighbors, our March 19 and March 26 club meetings are cancelled.  The March 17 RCDM Board of Directors meeting is also cancelled, as is the Club Social planned for March 18.   
On March 30 club leaders will decide whether to cancel subsequent meetings through April. We will communicate our decision to you.
If we cancel some or all of our regular club meetings for April, we will provide an online meeting solution to ensure continuity of club operations and social engagement of all club members, starting with an April 2 virtual meeting. If we take this route, we will assist members in using this technology.
Also, by March 19, club members having expertise in clinical and research expertise will begin conveying vetted information about the SAR-CoV-2 virus and COVID-19 and the effects they could have in our communities.  
A committee comprising Sharon Schendel, Don Fipps and Matt Kurth will vet, compile and distribute this information. Other club members who wish to help with this effort should forward their contributions to one of these committee members by phone or email.