Posted by Sharon Schendel on Oct 06, 2019
Filling up the conference room at eMolecules
eMolecules CEO Niko Gubernator
Ongoing construction complicated access to our usual St. Peter’s venue, so Klaus Gubernator generously offered a conference room at the new offices of the company he founded, eMolecules.  CEO Niko Gubernator described how eMolecules serves as a platform to help researchers find the chemical reagents they need to fuel drug discovery. eMolecules also recently launched a foundation to help provide treatment options for a range of neglected tropical diseases that affect millions of people globally but are not the target of pharmaceutical industry efforts due to low return on investment. In partnership with Novartis, eMolecules already demonstrated success in this research area through the development of GNF179, a potential treatment for malaria that is already in the late stages of clinical testing.