Posted by Sharon Schendel on Dec 08, 2019
The slime station was very popular.  There are dozens of other pictures available- see links below.  
Patti Kurtz and Nina Wright helping guests decorate their Christmas tree paintings
We missed the rain for our annual Christmas party for members of the La Colonia branch of the Boys & Girls Club of San Dieguito and their families. Santa returned this year, introduced by surprise guests, the San Diego Sockers soccer team. 
The serving crew: Matt Kurth, Mark Matthess, Marty Peters, Janice Kurth
Jake Owens and Dagmar Gubernator captained one of the ornament stations
Jim and Janie King dressed for the occasion
All our guests left well-fed from the buffet supplied by Jake’s Del Mar, and the children were enthusiastic about the craft stations. Thank you to Community Service Chair, Tony Villasenor, for leading the event, and our craft table captains:  Val Myers and Suzy Wagner kept the slime oozing; Donna Fipps and Sharyn Daly oversaw the bead station; Dagmar Gubernator, Jake Owens, Dee House, and Garrie Rhodes helped our guests make dozens of ornaments; Patty Kurtz and her team prepared canvases with pine trees pictures and Nina Wright helped kids decorate them; and Kathy Reed along with her friends Sarita Eaton, Jeri Opel and Beth Steusloff guided our guests in making succulent planters using clippings brought from Klaus Gubernator’s garden.  Matt and Janice Kurth, together with Mark Matthess and Marty Peters helped serve dinner.  Ed Siegel provided dinner music and Don Fipps led the clean-up crew.  Thank you to all who helped make this event a great success!  For pictures, visit our Facebook page or club website, or visit the Google Photo Album to download any pictures you like.