Posted by Sharon Schendel on Jul 24, 2018
Lots of members (including honorary member Canine Companion-in-training Ressa) and guests enjoyed sushi and sunset at Shimbashi in Del Mar Plaza
In thanks for their support of our Sunset Soiree in May, Shimbashi Izakaya in Del Mar Plaza was the site for our July social. Founded in 2009, Shimbashi Izakaya derives its name from “Shim” and “bashi”- the Japanese words for “New” and “Bridge”. Izakaya is Japanese for “pub”, and is a place to unwind with after-work drinks. Our members were on hand to enjoy the happy hour sushi specials and the variety of appetizers and drinks on offer. With our new banner, our socials are no secret, and we welcome anyone interested in learning more about Rotary and meeting our members to join in. Thanks again to Susie Wagner for organizing the event.