Posted by Sharon Schendel on Sep 23, 2018
Dollars were flying at the September 20 meeting.  Pat Dougherty was double happy about celebrating his birthday;  Jim Brunner was happy for a great trip with his two sons to San Francisco, where they watched victories by the San Francisco Giants and 49ers, as well as Stanford (and he got his picture taken with the Stanford cheerleaders); Tom Ryan was super happy in anticipation of his daughter’s wedding in Montauk, New York on September 27; Philippe Lamoise paid penance for not cutting or biting his string cheese (on string cheese day- see Rotarian of the Day story), but rather cutting it to top his salad; Karin Davies was happy for the recognition giving to her Global Grant; Jim Watkins was super happy the Del Mar Streetscape project was given the green light with scheduled completion next summer; Marty Peters was happy remembering his recent four day fishing trip in Big Sky country; and Larry King prompted Dan Smargon and Jim Davies to contribute Happy Bucks for return of phone and hat, respectively, left unattended around the Parish Hall.