Posted by Sharon Schendel on Mar 24, 2019
Karin Davies was happy to have had a great trip to British Columbia, where she reconnected with a friend who lived with her family as an exchange student when Karin was a high school senior; Suzie Wagner was nearly super happy and gave $50 in recognition of Lanh Tran’s generosity at the recent social at Sbicca; Janice Kurth was double happy to have her Tesla, which was declared totaled after being hit by a drunk driver while she was attending a Rotaract event, replaced with an identical, new Tesla; Mark Matthess was happy that he filled his quota of 8 wineries for the Sunset Soiree; Scott MacDonald was happy for the first day of spring, and Chandra Collure was happy to have a break from jury duty, although he has to go back this week for another three weeks.