Posted by Sharon Schendel on Mar 17, 2019
Guests added to our Happy Dollars at this week’s meeting. Albert Martinez was happy to be among such friendly, service-minded people; Sue McKinney was happy to be in attendance with her dog Lucky and to give a gentle plug for Crila herbal supplements; and Ole Prahm was double double happy (that’s $20) for always receiving encouragement and warm welcomes at our meetings. Our members were happy, too.  Jim McClellan was super happy (another $100 from Jim) for a very beautiful day and to express the value and meaning that being a member of Rotary has for him and Marty Peters was happy at the prospect that maybe, just maybe, Ole might transfer his membership to our club.
On the other hand, I’m unhappy that I repeatedly misspelled Jim McClellan’s name in earlier newsletters. Although I always strive to spell names correctly, I do make mistakes. Please let me know if I get the spelling of your name wrong!