Posted by Sharon Schendel on Sep 08, 2019
Donna Fipps with Emmy, fresh off the plane
Emerald lounging by the pool
Donna Fipps is happy to end her puppy-less days with the arrival of her newest Canine Companions for Independence puppy, Emerald, an 8 week-old black lab puppy;  Karin Davies is really happy that she and Jim Davies could go on their Alaska trip secure in the knowledge that her latest Global Grant effort, Safe Deliveries for Mothers and Babies (G-2009), in partnership with the University of Gondar, reached full funding with pledges totaling $104,000 that will go to secure equipment for sterilization; Klaus Gubernator is happy that President Brett Mattei set up the A/V in Parish Hall unassisted; Mark Matthess is really happy that his daughter Audrey was accepted to study for a Master’s degree at the University of St. Augustine Coral Gables; Marty Peters is happy that his granddaughter scored her first goal last Saturday; Sharon Schendel is happy that Don and Donna Fipps are joining her Thursday night bowling league team.