Posted by Sharon Schendel on Nov 03, 2019
Dr. Todd Morgan with happy patient Patti Kurtz
Dr. Todd Morgan, DMD, ABDSM joined our October 31 meeting to talk about his work with sleep apnea patients.  Dr. Morgan grew up in El Cajon, and after studying dentistry at Washington University dental school, returned to the San Diego area to practice. His interest shifted from traditional dentistry to sleep medicine and the importance that having good quality sleep can have on overall health. Dr. Morgan focuses on use of Oral Appliance Therapy that involves custom-made devices that are similar to a retainer or athletic mouth-guard. The appliance helps pull the lower jaw forward to open the airway to increase airflow. For many patients, this simple treatment is sufficient to resolve sleep apnea and snoring.  Dr. Morgan has other approaches that help patients increase muscle tone to enhance airway function.