Posted by Sharon Schendel on Dec 16, 2018
Don Fipps, Tom Ryan and Chris Stewart take a break from the assembly line
Just a few of the 350+ boxes we packed
Matt Kurth manned the stuffing station and Tony Villasenor helped stack the completed boxes
Each year the Community Resource Center (CRC), helps residents of San Diego North Country, particularly women and children and families, maintain self-sufficiency by providing domestic violence programs, food programs and emergency and transitional housing. During the holiday season, the CRC Holiday Basket program offers a free shopping experience to over 6,000 of our neighbors, including more than 3,000 children, 300 seniors and survivors of domestic violence. The centerpiece is a 50-pound food box that carries two weeks’ worth of nutritious staples and, when supplemented with a turkey and fresh produce, has all the trimmings for a full holiday meal.
Club members staffed the December 11, 2018 shift to pack boxes specifically for seniors in need.  During our two hours, we packed over 375 boxes that were chock full of pasta, beans, canned goods, energy bars, oatmeal and peanut butter.  Check out all the photos at our club website or our Facebook page