Posted by Sharon Schendel on Jul 15, 2018
Jim and Janie King provided transportation for Klaus in their Model A Ford
Klaus came prepared with his own beer stein.
Awaiting Klaus's arrival Matt Kurth (center) enjoys a laugh with Brett Mattei (left) and his wife Caroline Morin (right)
No shortage of Greek food to enjoy
A congratulatory cake reads "Thank you very much Klaus"
Flavor Chef always provides wonderful food for our events
Larry and Katie Cook (left and right) with Barrett Smith (center)
Monty and Ann Woolley with Tom Ryan
Jim and Karin Davies with Kit Leeger
Al (left) and Steve (center) Tarkington chat with Marty Peters (right)
Klaus has new experiments to perform with his chemistry set
A balaclava to keep warm while walking dogs
The donning of the traditional President's helmet
The joker made an appearance at last
A memento for a term well served
Thank you Klaus and Dagmar!
On June 16, 2018 we celebrated the demotion of President Klaus Gubernator after a fantastic year of service. The Club met the goals he put forth at the beginning of his Rotary year, most notably by growing the club roster through the addition of quality members, many of whom Klaus personally recruited. We thank Derek Carlson and his Flavor Chef staff for providing plenty of delicious Greek food, as requested by Klaus, Brett Mattei and his wife Carolyn for securing the venue in Solana Beach, and Jim King for providing limousine service in his Model A Ford.
The farewell gifts reflected Klaus’s expertise, club accomplishments and hobbies. First, we presented him with a chemistry set, which Klaus said reminded him of a similar set that sparked his interest in science when he as a child. A small tree represented Klaus’s efforts to ensure that the club satisfied the 2017-2018 Rotary Year mandate that every Rotarian plant a tree. Last, in honor of his dog Mira, Klaus received a German Shepherd-patterned balaclava- perfect to wear for dog walks on cold mornings (several members Klaus sponsored frequently join Klaus and Mira on walks with their dogs).  Klaus then donned the traditional Rotary Club of Del Mar helmet, which Bill Rawlings promised is guaranteed to enhance any club achievement.  Watch a video to see the helmet in action!