Posted by Sharon Schendel on Nov 17, 2019
"Krispie" ducks from Donna Fipps
Chili & Quackers Chair Matt Kurth with Bronze-level sponsors Jim and Kathy McClellan
The Line of Succession: Vice President Dugan Lamoise, Past President Don Fipps, President-Elect Sharon Schendel and Current President Brett Mattei
Beth Westburg, Garrie Rhodes, Sharyn Daly and Mary Alice and Marty Peters (along with Reid Westburg in the back) enjoy the potluck food
Janice Kurth with Chili & Quackers hot dog grill master Reid Westburg
Robert Muller and Dee House with Miles Fleming
Some of you may have seen this bit on the club website. Unfortunately, I forgot to include it in the newsletter last week, so here it is now!
 Thank you to Matt and Janice Kurth for hosting an Open House for everyone who helped make the recent Chili & Quackers “friendraiser” such a success.  Matt in particular went beyond the call- chairing the event just one week before his daughter’s wedding.