Posted by Sharon Schendel on Jan 13, 2019
Dr. Bruce Bekkar spoke about actions everyone can take to mitigate climate impacts
Bruce Bekkar, M.D. practiced as a Board-certified Ob/Gyn before becoming a full-time climate activist.  As a physician, he was acutely aware of the many negative health effects that arise from a damaged climate. In his talk at the January 10, 2019 meeting, he outlined ways that climate is changing for the worse and the health impacts such changes can have. He handed out cards that listed ways to mitigate personal impacts on the climate. For transportation, individuals can choose to walk, bike, use public transit or carpool, or drive a hybrid or electric vehicle.  In living spaces, simple changes are switching to LED bulbs and “smart thermostats”, and bigger changes involve retrofitting windows, adding insulation and installing solar panels.  Overall lifestyle changes include water conservation, composting, shopping local and reducing meat consumption.  Advocacy for community choice energy, both locally and across the state can promote use of energy from renewable sources, and support of local climate action plans is important for creating large-scale changes that can turn the course of climate change. 
Dr. Bekkar co-chairs the health group of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps, serves on the board of San Diego’s Climate Action Campaign and is Vice Chair of the Climate Defenders Action Fund. He served as Vice Chair of the Sea Level Rise Technical Advisory Committee for the City of Del Mar and on a sub-committee for California's Fourth Climate Assessment.