Jim Watkins at the new selfie site with Sally the Sea Lion
Our members took time on two consecutive Fridays to spruce up the benches on the southwest corner of L’Auberge.  The park has a new resident provided by Jim Watkins and securely installed by Bill Rawlings:  Sally the Sea Lion.  Next time you’re in the park take a picture of Sally- we’ll need think of an Instagram hashtag for her. 
Donna Fipps, Caroline Moran, Brett Mattei and Tony Villasenor get things ready
Caroline Moran, Jake Owens and Donna Fipps work together
Brett Mattei's sister-in-law Natalie makes sure that all angles of the bench look good
Donna and Don Fipps finish up the bench on the second week
Bill Rawlings secures a new resident in the park