Posted by Sharon Schendel on Aug 13, 2018
Warm up band performs as the crowd settles in
Mary and Bill Rawlings
Suzy and Karl Wagner with their grandson Ashton (far left) and Suzy's daughter Pam and her husband Mike
Don and Donna Fipps 
Lanh Tran and Bill Nguyen with their daughter Skylar
Suzy says "hi" to Skylar
Steely Damned plays on as the sun sets
As a twist for our monthly socials, Karl and Suzy Wagner were up bright and early (i.e., 5 AM) on August 7, 2018 to claim a spot on the Powerhouse Park lawn in advance of the latest in the Del Mar Foundation Twilight Concert Series. Their early morning efforts provided us a close up view of Steely Damned and a place to enjoy early evening picnics.  Karl and Suzy’s grandson Ashton was visiting from Boulder, Colorado, where he’s attending University of Colorado Boulder, and Suzy’s daughter Pam and her husband Mike also joined us. Two other special guests were with Lanh Tran- her husband Bill and their daughter Skylar, who’s just a few weeks shy of her first birthday.