Posted by Sharon Schendel on Aug 11, 2019
Members and guests enjoying a nice evening on the Shimbashi Izakaya patio
Patti Kurtz shows expert sake drinking technique while Monty Woolley and Scott MacDonald look on in amazement
Enjoying the libations on offer
Always great to get together outside of our regular meeting hours (top, l to r: Karl and Suzy Wagner, Matt Kurth; bottom, l to r: Dugan and Philippe Lamoise, Donna Fipps)!
We crowded the patio of Shimbashi Izakaya at Del Mar Plaza last Tuesday for our August social.  We had 21 members and guests on hand to enjoy sushi, beer, wine, and especially sake, expertly served by Shimbashi’s certified sake sommelier, Yuka Nakai, who also efficient managed over a dozen separate orders. Patti Kurtz demonstrated superior technique with the first sips of her sake. Our socials provide an opportunity to thank Sunset Soiree sponsors like Shimbashi Izakaya for their support of our annual fundraiser. Thank you to Suzy Wagner for organizing the event.