Posted by Sharon Schendel on Aug 04, 2019
Alan Mindell returned to our club to speak about one of his many passions- horse racing.  Alan generously donates to our Sunset Soiree the opportunity to go behind the scenes at the Del Mar track.  Members of the tour can watch the horses in their morning workout and meet jockeys and trainers who are at the track. Alan talked about one of his latest claiming horse- Sought More Pep (the name a combination of the sire and dam names, Sought After and  Sweetly Peppered).  Not long after he claimed her, she came in last in a race at Del Mar. Sought More’s trainer, Eddie Truman, told Alan- within Sought More’s hearing- that perhaps Del Mar might be too much for her.  Alan thought she took that as a challenge, and she won her next race.  She’s since had 8 wins out of 31 starts.  Alan will be leading his next Sunset Soiree tour later this month- look to bid on his tour at the 2020 Sunset Soiree!