Posted on Dec 18, 2022
Clockwise from top left: Harold and Casey Robison with Don and Donna Fipps (who's holding Tube Man); Rob Vaughn wondering what he might do with hugging stuffed mice, which Jennifer McDowell, Garrie Rhodes and Kathy Reed find amusing; Karin and Jim Davies admire Tube Man, which they would possess only briefly; Donna Fipps brought melting snowmen cookies
Clockwise from top left: Mark Berry helps Jennifer McDowell extract a box from a snug-fitting bag; Matt Kurth holds the stuffed mice he stole from Rob Vaughn (mainly to get the Lindt chocolates that came with them) while Klaus Gubernator covets the gift; Kathy Reed displays her moose head punch set (which was never stolen) and Jeff Matthews and Val Myers with Suzy Wagner; RoseMary Pellegrino thinks of all the fun she can have with the game "Senior Moments" and Eric Nelte hopes he can play too
Clockwise from top left: Dee House and Suzy Wagner try to figure out the dice game Suzy won while Rob Muller and Casey Robison look on; Candace Bahr with Steven McDowell and Walt and Linda Strangman; Toni Mecaro with Pat Caughey and Steven McDowell; Matt Kurth admires the tequila that replaced the Lindt chocolate balls stolen by Klaus; Garrie Rhodes and Rob Vaughn; Don Fipps guards the cookie table
Everyone dressed warmly on Tuesday December 13, 2022 for an outdoor holiday party at one of our favorite venues, Viewpoint Brewing Company. There were plenty of appetizers and food at the buffet. Dinner was capped with offerings from the cookie exchange participants. We did a “Dirty Santa” gift exchange this year and lots of fun gifts found new homes, many after changing hands a few times. Sharon Schendel has been enjoying her burrito blanket brought by Val Myers every night since the party. Kathy Reed was happy to have a moose head punch set, and the Lindt chocolate balls passed through a few hands, including those of Matt Kurth, who ended up with a bottle of tequila instead. Jim and Karin Davies were certain that they might get to keep “Tube Man”, until Donna Fipps stole him away. Thank you to all who attended, and special thanks to Suzy Wagner for securing the venue, Kathy Reed for the lovely centerpieces, and Dee House for making the nametags. We’re also grateful to all the bakers and to those who provided gifts for the exchange.