Posted by Sharon Schendel on Oct 29, 2023
The Rotary Foundation is OUR foundation, and in that respect, unique among service organizations. Rotarians have a large say over how the money raised for the Foundation is used. At our October 26, 2023 meeting, Past District Governor Janice Kurth gave a refresher on how the Rotary Foundation supports the activities of Rotarians. Janice holds extensive knowledge about the Foundation, and also spearheaded one of the largest district fundraising campaigns that provided $32 million for The Rotary Foundation during her DG year.  Janice outlined how funds contributed to the Foundation come back to clubs to finance both District and Global Grants. A dollar given to the Foundation’s Share fund today will be invested, and then, three years later, half will come back to the district as District Dedicated funds (DDFs) that can be used in small, agile District Grants. The other half supports the World Fund that is administered by Foundation trustees and goes to match funds raised for larger projects like Global Grants.  In the coming months Philippe Lamoise will host a Zoom call for members who are interested in the mechanics of the grants, particularly use of the website.
Every member of the club is strongly encouraged to contribute at least $100 annually to the Foundation.  Clubs that have 100% of members donate are given special recognition at the end of the Rotary Year.  There are multiple ways to support the Rotary Foundation.  Checks may be given to the Foundation Chair (that’s Janice), mailed to Rotary, or, the simplest way, set up recurring donations through Rotary Direct.