Purchase your tickets for the Sunset Soirée now! All members need to buy two tickets through the website at www.delmarsunsetsoiree.org (couples need to buy a total of two tickets).  Follow the instructions pictured above. Once you buy two tickets, any additional tickets are discounted 25% ($75 each). 
Please invite family and friends to attend this fun event. They can purchase tickets themselves and use your email as the reference code to get the discounted price. Or, you can purchase tickets on your guests’ behalf. If you’re not yet sure who will attend, you can still purchase tickets using “Guest” as the first name and your own name for the last name (for example, Guest Schendel or, for multiple guests, Guest 2 Schendel, Guest 3 Schendel, etc.).  Philippe can input credit cards on your guests’ behalf. 
Any questions or problems?  Email Philippe